How do I join Hygiene for the Homeless?

You can sign up by submitting an application through http://hygieneforthehomeless.org/start-your-own-branch/

What is a Hygiene for the Homeless branch?

A branch is essentially a group of Hygiene for the Homeless members that reside in a local area. Branch members operate cooperatively to obtain kit ingredients and correspond with the central board to confirm distribution dates for their branch.

How do I create a local branch?

You can start your own branch by submitting an application through http://hygieneforthehomeless.org/start-your-own-branch/.

How do projects work?

The central planning board will take each branch’s needs into account to decide on a national distribution day. Branches will submit an application confirming what time on that day their distribution will occur, which members are coming, and how many kits they are looking to distribute.

If I join Hygiene for the Homeless, what must I contribute?

All we ask is that you are a dedicated and passionate member. We understand that you may not always be available for certain events, so please be responsible for coordinating dates with your branch to ensure maximum participation. Branch activities include starting fundraisers, sourcing kit ingredients such as soap, and attending distributions to hand out kits.

How can I get items?

There are several ways you can contribute to collecting items. We try to acquire our items purely through donations, whether produced by yourselves or an outside factor. You can communicate with local hotels and garner their support. They will most likely provide you with toiletry items such as shampoo bottles, soap bars, and body wash. Other options include chapter fundraising projects. You can collect donations within your chapter by having each member including yourself donate $2, which is the approximate price per hygiene kit. to You can also hold public fundraisers, which will be explained more in-depth below. Save yourself a cup of coffee, and help a homeless individual.


How often does my chapter need to hold fundraising events?

Once a month, or twice during major vacations/breaks. This is a chance for your chapter to take advantage of the public space and collect money from as many people as possible. While frequency is determined by us, it is up to your chapter to be creative about the event, theme, location, and time. The only limit is the sky.

What other things do I need to know?

On distribution days, make sure to take pictures to document your good deeds. Make sure to send these as soon as possible to Dalton Lau or Shaminta Hamidian via shamhamidian@gmail.com or Facebook messenger, and they will publish them on the Hygiene for the Homeless website.

Also, venturing throughout cities requires careful planning and precaution. Make sure to stick with your chapter at all times and operate safely throughout the distribution. This should be a fun and enlightening experience for everyone, and hence we do not want to receive reports of destructive conflict within a chapter or between a member and a homeless man/woman.

Finally, try your best to find places that are conducive to your distribution goals; If you are wandering in an area in which you can not find a homeless person, move to a different portion of your assigned area.