Our Mission

Hygiene for the Homeless is a rapidly growing charity organization that produces and donates hygiene kits to the homeless. Ingredients such as shampoo and soap are often received as donations from gracious hotels. Other toiletries such as toothbrushes and combs are obtained with money raised through various fundraisers. Kit distributions occur monthly, and are conducted by members of each branch in designated areas.

Since its inception, Hygiene for the Homeless has expanded into multiple branches. Thus far, the movement has brought hygiene kits to many without homes.

Our movement is unique because of our eco-friendly items and extremely cheap production costs. By creating these kits at the cost of a $1 donation, we show that even the smallest of resources can make a huge change.

How we Help

The homeless face enough difficulties: lack of shelter, minimal access to safe sanitary spaces, and most importantly, a lack of hygiene. Improper care of personal hygiene can lead to many harmful medical conditions, including infections and diseases. But worst of all, bad hygiene makes these people lose their place in society and become looked down upon. Even with access to a proper washing facility, many homeless shelters lack the resources to provide the necessary supplies and materials for homeless individuals to maintain themselves.

It is incredibly difficult for these people to get jobs once they become homeless due to small issues like the inability to clean up for an interview or work. They need a couple months of working before they can afford housing. Not being able to look clean and prepared traps these people in a cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Work with us and make a change, one kit at a time.